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Day Ten

Just a short update as not much has changed from 9. Pretty much the same, but the dreams are less vivid. I can no longer guarantee a dream as soon as I’m asleep.

I’m really tired. Everything seems to be too much effort (although I can get through it). I would love to just spend a day in bed with TV/Laptop and doze in and out for a day. It does seem from researching this is a symptom for others too. Looks like 2 weeks is the magic amount of time from pill 1, so that means by next Tuesday I’ll be raring to go right?

Still no urge to smoke, I do get cravings, but I settle them with ice cream, or treats. For now I can get away with it as I could easily find 10 pounds to go somewhere on my body. I would just like the tiredness to move on so I can start doing some physical activities.

Morning cough completely gone, sneezing a lot and a bitter metallic taste every now and then. Senses are on high alert, I smell everything!

I’ll be back probably after the long weekend (Holiday in our part of the world on Monday)

This will be a bit more of a test seeing it is a weekend and first time as a non smoker! 


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