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Day Eight

As mentioned pretty much woke up feeling like death on day eight and also decided that I will quit when the smokes that were grossing me out anyway were gone. I had four left and they were gone by 10AM.

One thing that is good is that my wife has just started a new job after being home for six months. Because she is working, our routine has changed. I can’t help but feel changing a routine with a 25 year old habit is perhaps a good idea? Instead of staying at work all day, timing my smoke breaks within company allowance etc, I had to go home for lunch and check the dogs to make sure they hadn’t eaten the cats .. or stove after being spoiled for six months.

Waves began washing ashore my brain at about 2PM, 4 hrs after the last cigarette. There were cravings, but easily pushed aside remembering how awful I was feeling with smoking. I made the mistake of buying a one pound bag of candy which I gobbeled at my desk in under an hour. The rest of the day I fought waves of cravings with waves of “what the hell did you to to me?” from my blood stream. So the cravings were there, but not the lack of mental ability which is usally what happens to me.

Exhausted by the end of the day and promptly feel asleep while still light out, woke again at around 11pm from dreams, but passed out soon enough

A bit of a rocky day, maybe I stopped too soon, but I pushed myself feeling gross to start smoking, I’m not about to force myself to keep smoking when I’m feeling the same way. This does seem to be working

(As I post the day after the one I talk about. I’m into day nine and will post about it tomorrow .. but forewarned .. I’m feeling awesome! 🙂 )


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