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Day Four Five Six and Seven

I’m now on day Eight, but will report on that later.

Lets go over the last four days.


I’m starting to see how Champix works .. at least for me. So we upped the does to 1Mg (.5 X 2 a day)

The dreams the first night were insane. So real and tiring. Imagine partying with Depeche Mode, flying the globe because of getting on the wrong plane and visiting a jail which is more like a city that you grew up in 25 years ago, realizing you are late for work so grab your pedal bike and hoof it off!”. All in the span of one evening.

Yup I was exhausted each morning of these days. I’ve never been able to say “wonder what I’ll dream about tonight”, hit the pillow dream a months worth of dreams and wake up in the middle of the night with still another 4 hrs of “sleep” to go … which is then filled with more dreams! It’s crazy! I mean it is kind of cool that I no longer need a TV, but wow I’m tired!

So during the days I was still smoking, pretty much my usual over the weekend, but feeling horrible after smoking them (still craving to have one though). I wake up tired as mentioned, but my chest feels heavy, my joints are aching .. just plain old … old!

Usually by the afternoon I’m doing much better as the joints feel oiled up , chest is back to normal, but by around 6pm (just after I take my second dose) I beging to feel pretty horrible again, being over tired, dry mouthed and “heavy”. Almost like a mild flu

Don’t get me wrong, the one thing that has stayed fairly normal is my brain. Compared to cold turkey, my ability to function is far better while dealing with the physical part which is worse. Needless to say I’ll take worse physical over mental to be able to continue with life, deal with problems/stress and not rip anyone’s head off. I haven’t had to cope with the irritability either. So once again, I think I’m going through a slow painful withdrawal as my receptors aren’t acknowledging the good stuff!

Today I’m going up to 2mg’s and smoked the last cigarette at 10AM (decided my quit day would be day 8 and when the smokes run dry). I’ll report back to how that has gone/went in  the next couple of days


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