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Day Three

Not much to really say today. Was hoping to expect some sort of miracle, but also realize it’s only day 3

Pretty much the same symptons. Upon waking after many hours, stiff with a dull headache, but thinking of the morning smoke. Not sure if we blame the physical part on too much sleep, but all in all not bad

During the day, noticed no headache at all, slight pain in the kidney area, but then at 45 can I really pin aches and pains onto the Champix? đŸ™‚

Went to bed at 10, tossed and turned. Could not get to sleep even after killing imps and demons on the laptop for a couple of hours. Not wanting to disturb my wife, I went to the family room and figured CNN would put me to sleep on the couch. By about 3AM I must have dozed off, comforted by our two Boxers breathing heavily into each ear. One thing I realized is that in a situation like this I would usually have a smoke during an insomnia moment, this time I didn’t. As well, no dreams that I can recall, but with 3 hrs sleep, maybe there was no time?

Tomorrow (Friday) is the big day where we up the dose, so I probably won’t report back until Monday to state how the next three days go. Should be interesting


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