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Pre Day One and Day One

After much debating back and forth with myself about the Pro’s and Cons (latest news on suicide etc), I decided to take the plunge.

After 2 hrs at the walk in clinic and then checked out, I walked away with my Champix script, rushed to the pharmacy and victoriously dumped it down on the Pharmacist

Read a few magazines while waiting then was called. I told her I didn’t need any instructions as I’m a guru from all the research I have done, she then said I owed $66.00. What?? I have extended coverage, this can’t be? $66.00!!?? (scrambled to do the math, will I still have enough for groceries, 14 days for $66.00 vs $140ish in a pack a day, but wait I’ll still be smoking .. do I have enough left for groceries AND smokes!!). I heard a “pop” in my head and I calmly stated, “sure here we go”

Having taken the wind out of my sails, I was perplexed that my health insurance doesn’t cover this. My wife and kids do so many prescriptions for all sorts of ailments, this is my first visit to the Pharmacy for something and I’m not covered. What the hell?

Regardless, I got home all ready to pop the first one, but noticed the blister pack divided up nicely, first single pill for the day with a happy little half sun next to it. Guess I wait until morning. It was silly, I was like a kid waiting for Santa. I tossed and turned all night waiting to be able to “Start the Program”

Went through the usual routine, wake up at 5:30AM, let the dogs out, start the coffee, feed the cats, sit on patio with coffee and smoke. After showering came downstairs, emptied the dishwasher and grabbed the blister pack of my savior. Popped out the pill and quickly swallowed it with a handful of water from the sink. My wife past by and asked me “do you need to eat something with that?” My reply, “Nah they didn’t say to at the pharmacy.” I haven’t eaten breakfast in 24 years, I just can’t even think about the “most important meal of the day” in the morning.

Off to work we go

3 hrs later, I’m feeling horrible. Still going out for a cigarette and tasting blood in my mouth. From research later people had made comments on that they taste metal, so that made more sense. An iron taste. I was also nauseous and my mouth really dry. Also the beginnings of a headache. A tiny pill and three hours later and I was feeling that way? Nah .. ok lets Google!

So much for me being the “guru”, seems a full glass of water and food should be taken along with the pill. Symptoms I was having was normal. Upstairs to the work kitchen, two glasses of water. Over to the muffin shop and grabbed a giant blueberry muffin from hell. I forced myself to eat it and then grab a coffee and off I went for my smoke.

Come mid afternoon, I was feeling much better and back to normal. Still smoking, but noticing something going on. It was hard to explain, but something felt different. I wasn’t smoking it down to the filter as usual and didn’t feel as satisfied as I usually did. Once at home the afternoon and evening smokes were also, just not quite as rewarding. I guess this meant progress with one lil pill taken over 12hrs ago!


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