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Day Two

Alright! We made it through the first day and now we will start the second day and take the Champix correctly.

Usual morning routine, except this time a glass of water and a bowl of cereal.

The day went by unscathed except for also coping with a bunch of personal family stuff. Some good, some not so good. Perfect ammunition for a smoker to “keep smoking”. I guess this is what is so great. With this pill, there is no stress that you won’t be able to smoke in a situation where you would usually do so. Hanging onto the hope that come quit day, your brain won’t call for it as loudly. Add in a dab of willpower it will all be good right?

Side affects the same as yesterday, but not as bad. I’m assuming the food and water in the AM helped that out. I would almost say my “smoke breaks” have increased, however I seem to be only smoking 3/4 of a smoke at a time as starting to notice a taste change. I guess a way of explaining it is like smoking with a hangover. Kind of a fuzzy mouth feeling with a tad of nausea and a light headache.

Come the evening I was wiped. Past out at 6:30, awoke at 10 and then fell asleep by 11. Rest of the night filled with dreams, not wild .. just dreams of things going on in my life, not bad, no over the top good. I can cope with that I think! 🙂


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