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So it begins (and why I’m here)

It’s been almost 25 years. I still remember the first cigarette that crept into my mouth back in the days when working at a KFC it was still ok to sit in a 4 by 12 foot office and everyone smoke. Originally I didn’t.

I had beat the High School Pressures and refrained from lighting up, but at the ripe old age of 21, somehow thought to myself “what the hell” may as well try one with the co-workers. I even forced myself to smoke while feeling ill from it, coming home in the evening and chugging Malox to deal with the nausea. Ridiculous? Yes

So 24 years later after multiple attempts of cold turkey, patches, gums, Zybans I am still a smoker. I’m the guy you see standing in the rain, capped hand over limp cigarette, sucking out as much as possible before it falls apart. Planning my day around when I will run out of smokes, panicking in the evening when seeing only two smokes left in the pack. Putting more concern into if I can afford a pack over a jug of milk. Pathetic?

Well enough is enough right? That is what we all say, we are done, we are going to quit! Tomorrow I will change my routine, change my life! I will be smoke free! (as I extinguish my “last” cigarette and hop into bed.)

6AM the next day, coffee brewing, fumbling through the garbage to get that pack I threw out..”there is always tomorrow”

I’m now on Day 2 of using Champix. This Blog is more I guess a diary for myself and maybe if other people stumble across it they can have some hope with my successes or relate to my failures. It’s a 2 week starter pack so I will report for those days and hopefully beyond if all goes well, lets get on with it!

(oh yeah and I have no idea how to blog, this would be my first one!)



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